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Hi Everyone So I Finally Hit 100 Subscriber's On my youtube Channel #Swarnil ( Earlier It Was Unboxing Chutiyapa ). it can be very difficult to get your first 100 Subscriber's if you are not a social person and introvert, you create your first video in the hope it will hot internet but you merely get 15 views out of which 9 is your's and 6 other's your good friends who not watched video till the end ( No One wants to watch shit ), and when we start youtube we are immature we create videos we think its funny and entertaining for you but its not for everyone with the time you will improve and understand how to be a good creator. and that is how I get my first 100 Subscribers after 3 Months of video upload.

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How do I get from 0 to 100 subscribers on YouTube?

Reaching 100 Subscriber's Form 0 is one of the toughest job any platform, that's why someone told beginning is always tough but once you started you keep going, there are people who don't start because of the effort it required they don't want to come out of their comfort zone to learn editing and other stuff which is required for content creation, wait not only video editing and camera is required you need to be creative, good scriptwriter and there are multiple skills that involve when you start youtube, unfortunately, everyone start and learn with experience no one is perfect in the beginning trust me with the time you will improve when I started I was not sure how to make good storytelling vlogs how to make transition, I know one thing when I started youtube I want to be the part of community and I want to earn money from youtube,

wait for money if you are joining youtube to make a career on it hold my beer never ever think about it, youtube can pay bills if you are bachelor as you start growing you will not be able to survive in life from youtube money in India. better keep youtube as passion/hobby you will get time on your weekend utilize that time. I am doing the same working in IT Company as a software engineer and making videos on youtube.

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Most Important Thing To Succeed On Youtube Is Consistency its not about how many videos you upload its about if you are uploading 1 video on 10 march next video should be on 20 march and next on 30 march. you need to build expectation and curiosity in your subscriber's mind that next video will be after 10 days. 

Golden Rule to follow for success on youtube

  1. Upload regularly. 
  2. Upload custom thumbnails (a must! choose proper font and color scheme and make it similar for all the video thumbnails so that if they watch your thumbnail they get sense it's your video without playing the video just from thumbnail you are feeding your brand image in their brain ). One common example is Neon Man notice thumbnail thier is some similarity in all the thumbnails.
  3. Be original ( Don't Try To Copy Someone else style create your own style )
  4. Make sure that your videos are in the 5-20 minute range (they convert and rank better because of watch time, if you create shorted videos you will get less watch time on youtube how many minutes viewer watch your video is one important factor to success, if you have good watch time on your video youtube suggest other people watch that video in suggestion feed.)
  5. Create a logo and an intro ( Create your own branding according to youtube company if you are making videos on youtube you are Brand )
  6. Do not use any sort of services to manipulate the algorithms - the so-called sub for sub-services. They will harm or even ban your account. Do it "old school". Be patient. ( Be Authentic and genuine try to get an organic viewer's not Purchased on inactive viewer's )
  7. Make every single video better than the previous one. ( Most Important if you will not upgrade sooner people will lose interest always surprise your viewer's. )
  8. Don't run behind views,subscriber's and trending topic run behind like-minded people when you start growing their will be multiple type of audience they will expect something for which they subscribed your channel if that is related to trend and you are talking about your life they are never going to watch your video why because they want to trend, hot topics slowly they will become dead subscriber's and no one wants if they have 100k subscriber's and getting 10k views only its happening so try to avoid this make content for like-minded people like you so whatever content you are making they will enjoy and never going to leave you.

Don't Invest Money On Camera And Laptop initially

One common mistake I have seen people keep doing they think they need good DSLR, Beast PC for editing their video and Good gears but honestly whatever you have you start making a video from it. i started with Moto g2 Mobile phone and editing from Kinemaster ( Mobile Application ).

once learn the basics they based on the need you upgrade but don't invest money on these things. if you wish and you have money then go ahead i am talking to people who can't afford it.

Youtube Algorithm And SEO On Youtube Videos

Now one more common mistake that people do not proper SEO, Title And Tags, even though they are creating awesome content they came up with the question I am creating better videos then successful YouTubers still not getting views.

You are not giving proper title, tags and thumbnail remember youtube is not always about creating good videos but how you are reaching more people to showcase your work, you can use clickbait for genuinely showcase your work if your work is worth enough people will not complain about clickbait but they say because of thumbnail i found one new artist today. I hope this is clear.

How To Do Search Engine Optimization To reach more people

What your video is About
  1. Do keyword research (short and long-tail on your topic)
  2. Include Primary keyword in Title & Description
  3. Write at least a 500-word description and use 5–7 Secondary keywords.
  4. Say your primary and secondary keywords out loud during the video because YouTube automatically transcribes the video and if it sees that your keyword is not even mentioned once in the video, it would think something is fishy.

Quality of your Video: 

YouTube judges the quality of the video by the following data:
  • Comments (engagement)
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Views
  • Channel Longevity (it has minimal effect, which is good news so if your channel is new, your video has a good chance of being shared)
So, when anyone leaves comment on your video, always respond to it because it will increase # of comments & it will engage users. Engagement matter's alot as it also improve connection between you and your subscriber's. Remember youtube is about creating community not just making videos.

First 15 second of video

Engage users in the first 15 secs of your video. Tell them:
  1. The problem
  2. Prove that you are qualified to solve it
  3. Proof that others have seen results with this solution.
  4. Summary Of What will be in the video
And Apart from all this you need good luck i have seen some good creator's who deserve millions of subscriber's still struggling to get 100k Subscriber's so Luck Also Matter's. but be ready for dissapointement if you are planning to start a youtube channel. That's it for this blog i hope you enjoy reading if yes than do subscribe to my channel, Oops its Blog please share my blog on social media keep visiting for awesome content related to youtube.

And I forgot to mention any Hack that you know comment down below, Team# Help everyone with his experince and skill.

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