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Nagar Palika Meme And Origin

If You Are Active On Social Media than you must be aware of dialogue desh bath main suraskshit Hoga pahle gadda suraskshit karao. this epic dialogue was delivered and originated by Sahid Alvi Sid where in one video he was walking and trying to speak about Nation Security ( Desh Suraskshit Karao ) But Suddenly he falls due to potholes then he converted that dialogue we will secure nation later first call Nagar Palika and fix potholes, the way he deliver this dialogue was unique and kinda a funny,
that's why it becomes Nagar Palika meme and Sahid Alvi Sid Become new meme star in India. My First Video went viral because I made a video on this topic I have 1 lakh 78 Thousand views on this video.

Nagar Palika Memes

You know India is full of creative meme stars yeah some are lame no I am not talking about RVCJ. so meme page again started their business utilizing this clip in best possible way to entertain us, some are hilarious some are boring if you want to watch just type Nagarpallika Meme Compilation Or Sahid Alvi Sid Meme Compilation you will get so many videos.I really like the song created by Ssquare remix version of Nagarpallika meme its dope and amazing beat drop actually its addictive and the way he edits videos were amazing, in 2014 I was sad that why there is no one who makes dank memes on India but people are there but not visible later on I am able to find people wait I am going off the trach you listen to this song created by Ssquare on Nagar Palika meme.

How My Video Become Viral On Youtube

So, Let Me share you one fact that this was the first video who reaches 100k Views on my channel and you won't believe in just 30 hours, and you know the trick if you want to go viral pick the latest trend and make video as soon as possible, i know people are not aware of this Nagar Palika meme and by the time they want to know about i will upload video so if anyone search he will my video. but gaining views from trending and viral topic gives you temporary subscribers until or unless you are soo good and you have your own style not just simply covering this topic as a news reporter. but sadly I stop making videos on-trend after 2017. but there are some you can find below. now I upload skits and sketch in Hashtag TV.

Thanks For Reading My Post what is your Favourite Meme From Nagar Palika? comment down below. i know my reader's got good humor.

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