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How To Get Your First Job In Bangalore, How To Find Vacancy, How To Apply, All Questions Answered Here!

If you are here then probably you are Job Seeker, who is not able to get a job in college campus due to some reasons, Same happens with me, after college I was sad.

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what hurts more just because I am not able to clear my written round I am not qualified for the job, I decided to go Bangalore to get my first job, and after 5 months I got a job in a startup as a full-stack web developer. But I was not happy with the package so I keep looking for a new opportunity and then on 10 March I got a job in MNC where I am getting a good package and working in a good domain.

My 6 Months in Bangalore in 4 Minutes

From Bangalore Job Seeker To Software Engineer in good company a short movie.

This Blog Consist Everything, how I search job in Bangalore, who guide me, from where to study, which language should I learn, do's and don't so for you picture starts now. How I Got Job Let's Start.....

"Bure waqt ki bhi ek baat achi hoti Hai,
Wo Bhi Guzar Jata Hai."

Your All Questions Will Be Answered Here to Keep Reading Till End

Best Time To Shift In Bangalore For Job Search?

After finishing your college go home for 1 Month, and try to prepare yourself for Aptitude, Reasoning, Verbal. I did the same thing, because coming here in Bangalore and giving 25 days for preparing Aptitude, reasoning doesn't make any sense. you will just pay extra PG Rent and eating PG tasteless food and putting yourself in trouble for no reason.

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You Will Miss Home Food In Bangalore PG

So better you prepare for these subjects from your home why I am saying this because each company conducts first round as written test which consists of:

  1. First Round Written Test
  2. Second Round Technical Interview
  3. Third Round HR Interview

Some Company Has Different pattern They Include Technical Objective questions, but 70% Company Follow the same pattern.

How To Prepare for Written Test

You Can Study Aptitude, Reasoning And Verbal From Different Sources Which Is Convenient for you, but we smart you don't need to cover complete aptitude, reasoning or verbal Topics you have to study only important topics and try to be master in it because questions from these topics will definitely appear in your written exams, Important Topics:-

Important Topics For Aptitude

  1. Number System
  2. LCM & HCF
  3. Time and Work
  4. Time And Distance
  5. Average
  6. Ratio and Proportions
  7. Problem on ages
  8. Profit and loss
  9. Percentage
  10. Probability
  11. Permutation and combination

Important Topics For Reasoning

  1. Syllogism
  2. Coding-Decoding
  3. Next number in the series
  4. Seating Arrangement
  5. Direction Sense
  6. Bar, Pie and Line chart Data Interpretations

Important Topics For Verbal

  1. Antonyms and Synonyms
  2. Fill in the blanks Questions
  3. Error Detection
  4. Reading Comprehension paragraphs
  5. Vocabulary Based Question: Fill the pair of gaps in a sentence with the most appropriate pair of words given.
  6. Direction Sense
  7. Bar, Pie and Line chart Data Interpretations
When You are done try to solve questions from these sites:-

If you want to prepare company-specific you can use this site

" Sweat more in Silence, Bleed less in War "

Make Your Aptitude, Reasoning and verbal strong enough where you can crack examination like Elitmus, AMCAT Or CoCubes.
 if you don't know about these exams just google it, these exams help you to land a good decent package job if you score well in elitmus you can expect a 7 - 9 LPA package. If you don't know about these exams let me help you, these exams help the company to reach capable candidates who are good with aptitude, reasoning and verbal, you appear in this examination and if you score well then the company will direct call you for technical interviews. Rest you can google to know more about it

Things You Need To Do

There are a few things that I want to share from my experience before I start.

!Q: I Have Less Than 60% Marks In My Academics Can I get Job?

If you have less than 60% you don't need to be sad.you still have chances, my friends who have less than 60% in their academics also got a job and working in decent company, the opportunity will be less but once you enter into one company later these marks will never be interference for you.

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All The Best Don't think negative if you marks are less than 60%

I am From Non-CSE Branch, Can I get Job?

Don't Think if you are from a mechanical branch or civil ( or any other non-it branch) it will be affect anything for you to get a job, you just need to learn basics of computer science. Subjects Like

Important CSE Subject That Everyone should learn to get a job :

  1. C/C++/Java Atleast One Programming language with OOPs Concept
  2. Operating System
  3. DBMS / SQL
  4. Computer Networks
  5. Basic Of Data Structure
  6. Basics Of Algorithms
  7. Web Technology
That's It If You are having an issue from where I can learn, during my job search I used this Application called StudyTonight ( Android App & Website ). They Have explained everything in a short and summarized way. 

Where Job Seeker's/Fresher's Stay In Bangalore If I Planning To Come Bangalore?

Try To Find PG Or Hostel In BTM Layout Bangalore, why? Read This Post Why Choose BTM layout when you are Job Seekers. If you are fresher try to shift in Bangalore as early as possible, for fresher there are always more opportunities and off-campus drives compare to people who come to Bangalore after 1 year of their college completion, you are no fresher. so take advantage of being a fresher.

How To Land Your First Job

I am assuming now you are in Bangalore and shifted in BTM Layout. You Reached Bangalore, Shifted In PG, Now What? Now You Must Be thinking or planning to go for your first interview.
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But You Probably don't know how to find a vacancy, where it is drive in Bangalore, Or may be confused about how to find openings.

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Where I will Get Job, How To Find there is a vacancy in the company.

How To Search, Apply And Attend Walk-ins

When I Came here the Same Problem I faced, After 1 Month I Got 3 Best Place where i Get To Know About openings, vacancy Referal Drives, Off-campus details These are:-

1. MRA Job Seekers ( Facebook Group )

This One Of The Famous Job Seeker Facebook Group, Who Helped me a lot There is one more Bangalore Job Seekers (BJS) But I used to prefer this group, they update everything regarding the job for freshers. and one thing which I like about this group every night at 11.00 PM They update one post where they mention next day drives with full details like venue, package, and everything.
You Can Join MRA Job Seekers To Get Job Updates Join Now.

2. GoFresher's

Gofresher.org is one website which also gives update for freshers regarding job and after MRA job seeker, I used to visit this site because so many times MRA job seekers don't update about job which i come to know about Gofresher.org it also provide study material and other facilities which will definitely be going to help you get job.

3. Whatsapp Groups Related To Fresher's Job

If You are in PG try asking your friends if they are in any Bangalore job seeker's Whatsapp group because there are many WhatsApp group people operate to help job seekers by sharing drive details guiding them. during my time I was part of connecting fresher's but now the group is full and I don't know it was still working or not but I believe you will get WhatsApp group try to join that group ask people to add you.

Create Your Professional Simple Resume

Now you know where is opening, And you are all set to go but, do you have created a resume or CV which impresses the interviewer. If Yes Than Good To Go but those who have not created resume, I will suggest giving 1 day to make your resume Think what actually is your strength, People Usually write common strength like quick learner, Self Motivated but then interviewer ask give me example where you have shown quick learning strength and then we fumbled and speak anything this is the main cause of rejection. this what happened to me. so i learned from my previous mistakes and came up with a resume where everything I have written was true and reflects my personality. it's okay if you know only one programming language but be master in it, Don't write just to impress the interviewer by showing how many skills you know, by writing this you are creating trouble for yourself. write what you know.

Send Your Resume to Company Employees

Once Your resume prepared now on MRA job seekers group you will find people asking to send resume to their email id, you have to send email every time you see a post like this, don't be lazy everyday send mail if you are sending resume, after some time you will start getting calls from company. keep checking your email, they will send call letter on your email id.

On MRA Job Seekers You Will Be Asked to fill google form, there may be too many instances where you have filled the form but not getting calls but still don't miss any google form and don't be lazy by just thinking I already filled 10 forms and never get call from company because I know it irritates and frustrated filling up that long-form.

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"The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply." — Dennis Waitley

Your First Walking

Decide which Walkins you have to attend and go. and do remember Don't miss good drives by just thinking that I am not prepared, I don't know anything or its too far from my PG. you already enjoyed your 21 years, its time to be serious (* it strikes in my mind whenever I feel laziness to attend interviews) just attend walkins.

Take Your Folder (10th Marksheet, 12th mark sheet, Adhar card, PAN card, All 8 Semester mark sheet, Provisional Degree) with You when you are going to attend walkins.
Use Google Map To reach the venue and leave 1 hour Before to avoid delay due to Bangalore Traffic.
Wear formals when you are going to attend walkins.
When you reach the venue there you will find people try to talk to them and start creating your network, ask them to share drive details if they know, exchange contact details.

You Failed to clear Interview now what?

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If you succeed in one attempt congratulation. and if not then remember getting job in Bangalore equally dependent on luck apart from skills and how you performed, you have to keep trying, there is one dialogue from movie "Sadness and overthinking only eats our time" at least you are lucky that your family allowing you to search job in Bangalore some people even don't get chance to come Bangalore.
"You have to be able to accept failure to get better."

Now What You Need to do?

You have to start INTROINSPECTIONJust close your eyes and think

  1. Do I need a Training institute to crack these interviews or I have to study hard by myself ?
  2. Do I need to improve my English?
  3. I Know the technical part but I am not able to clear the first written aptitude round?
  4. I am having a bit of bad luck these days?

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there may be different points which strike in your mind, understand what is the main obstacle for you and stop attending interviews or walk-in, start preparing where you feel I need improvement to crack the interview.

What I Did When I faced the same situation ( My Introspection )?

I Have Attended the First Interview in Tek System Company and realize if I want to get a job I have to work hard, getting Job during college campus was very easy compared to getting a job after college. after college I don't know what happened to me, I am not able to study with full concentration as I used to study when I was a college student in other words (Mann Hi Nahi Lagta Tha padhai main) So I Decided To Join Training Institute at least I will study something daily by attending classes.

Which Training Institue Is Good?

I asked Too Many people which training institute is good, and most of the people suggested me Jspiders But Just To check the confirm I have attended DEMO of all famous training institute like

Best training institute in Bangalore Job Seeker :

There are many training institutes in Bangalore for job seekers who promise job seekers they will help you to land your first job, but they are doing business. so be aware join which will give you benefit. I am adding some of the institutes below.

 1. JSpiders BTM 

  1. Quality Training.
  2. Good Companies Drives.
  3. Shira Sir Core java and Dixit Sir SQL Best Teacher. * Classes Start Late.
  4. They Teach Fast NON-IT Student May Suffer to understand
  5. No Computer Labs

2. ABC 

  1. I Have Only Taken Demo.
  2. Classes Interior Was good * Show off of their Placement records

3. Lara Technology

  1. They Have Computer Lab where you can practice 
  2. They Teach From Slides, Boring Sessions.

4. JLC ( Java Learning Center )

I have no idea about this training institute but someone told me that this coaching also teaches java and helps job seekers to the land job but it's less reliable.

I Joined Jspiders, All You Want to know about Jspiders.

I Decided To Join Jspiders Because during demo they have clearly mentioned that if you work hard, then only you will get job, we assure you to provide quality training, By which you can clear any interview, and seriously core java by shisha sir and SQL by Dixit sir help me a lot, earlier I fear "what interviewer ask in technical round" but after completing this course, I start thinking "I just wish I can clear written round rest next round I can handle easily.""

What Are Fees, And What Jspider teach?

When I have Java Development Course in 2017 It Cost Me Around 23000 Rs. In which they will Teach :

  • Core Java (J2SE )
  • Advanced Java (J2EE )
  • Basics Of HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Frameworks:- Spring & Hibernate

if You Have fear from coding, what if the interviewer asked me to write a program, Jspider conducts one programming class where they cover all the programs with logic which was frequently asked in the technical interviews.

 What I Did Was Life-Changing For Me 

Now This Part Is Most Valuable for all of you already 3 months passed, and I have attended more than 10 interviews from Jspiders + outside ( I know it's less because I am busy attending spider classes as they consume most of my time, i only get Saturday and Sunday where I used to study what i have studied in coaching but very lightly i am not that much serious), you i after a long time I realized one thing, in past 3 months i understood what i need to study but i am not getting time to study so i decided to quit everything and be serious for my studies and job.

I Came Up with a Plan

My Coaching almost done now I have time, I Know What To Study So I Decided I will Not attend any walkins in December and I will study hard, what I have studied you can study to get job within 1-2 months I am fooling why I have started all this after 3 months, What I Did:-

you got it symdistro GIF by Symphonic Distribution
In December I Changed My Life By Giving Attention To Only Study And My Personality To get Job Quit Everything.

I am utilizing most of my time not going outside home, just trying to finish 2-3 topics in one day, in 5 day I have covered all written round topics, all India box site important questions I solved, you won't belive when I attended walkins later I realized questions are repeated all are from indiabix I even don't need to solve I still remember the answers, after 5 days I started learning java from Javatpoint and completed that tutorial in 10 days, then next 2 days I have studied 201 java interview questions from javatpoint site, and trust me, interviewer, ask question from these 201 questions only, after doing this, I started reading all Java Geeksforgeeks article, earlier I used to think javatpoint is very tough to understand but after Jspider and Javatpoint I am now able to understand geeks for geeks and also realized how well they have written all the articles, GeeksforGeeks if you studied you can crack any interview trust me.

keiran lee yes GIF

Now I started searching for project, we have created project in college but I am not confident about my project, so I learned one project online and added that one into my resume, Note:- Project is important to prepare it properly, if you have not contributed in project or if it's fake, I will suggest you search project online try to understand how it works, How you connect database and all this because interviewer definitely ask about your project. if you have knowledge about your project you will be confident in the interview.

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I am already good in SQL but from one source I got frequently asked questions from SQL in interviews I studied all 50 questions, and technical subjects there is one site study tonight they have provided short and good tutorials for technical subjects like- Operating System, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Data Structure, Object-Oriented Programming, and one more source from where I used to study Gate Notes By Ankur Gupta for technical subjects I have used these references, I studied Operating System, OOPs Concept, and Data Structure 5 days, and you don't need to study complete subject as it will take too much time, I just google top interview questions asked in interview Operating System or Subject which I want to prepare because interviewer asked Questions from frequently asked questions.

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now I have 3 days left in December, I started creating resume along with it I started writing "TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF" I have created a resume and my introduction in such a way that it matches, whatever I speak interviewer can see that whatever I am speaking reflecting my original personality not fake.

nick jonas GIF

Just to give you an example, I love dancing and in achievements I have added nominated for SPRING FEST From Bhopal Reason for Street Dance Competition. So I will suggest you give time for your introduction and resume as it plays vital role in your selection, then last 2 days of December I prepared all HR interview questions according to me, Most People just google and whatever answer they get they use in interviews, I will suggest you prepare your own, Note:- Don't Take it lightly When Interviewer ask you where do you want to see yourself after 5 years then you will think and give answer, and time you get there was less, you may speak something which actually you don't want to speak or you may fumble in front of interviewer So prepare before you regret later that i can prepare just because of my silly one answer I am rejected because reaching HR is not an easy task only people who struggled for job only they can understand like me. Now Better days yet to come.

Well Done Thumbs Up GIF by New Hope Club

Whatever I have studied I am giving links of all references Below which you can also study.
Always remember, your present is not your Final destination, Best is yet to come! I am adding all the important links which I have used to prepare.

Technical Interview Preparation

  1. Study Java From Javatpoint Click Here To Visit Javatpoint
  2. After Studying Javatpoint Tutorial Try To Learn and Understand 201 frequently asked Interview questions on java Click Here to study 201 interview questions
  3. For SQL You Can Use W3Schools W3Schools SQL Tutorial SQL Tutorial
  4. To Study Technical Subjects Like Operating System, DBMS, Data Structure Study Tonight is best
  5. Install Studytonight mobile app from app store and keep reading topics when you stuck in traffic when you are going to attend the drive.
  6. If you want to crack product based company interviews or startup then try to read article from GeeksforGeeks.Those People Who are interested only they prefer Geeksforgeeks, everyone not able to understand properly, after joining Jspider I am able to understand properly and realized how, well structured they write topics. 
  7. For HR interview Naukari.com Naukari.com 53 Interview Question with answers.
  8. HR interview IndiaBix Indiabix Hr Interview Questions and Answers.

Most Important Questions From Interview Perspective ( Technical Interview Preparation)

For what freshers fear, what if the interviewer asked to write code, What if interviewers asked me to write SQL Query. I am adding all the important Programs or queries that the interviewer can ask just prepare this properly if you prepared all these questions no one can stop you from getting job.

Java/C/C++ Important Programs Asked In Interview from Fresher's

  1. WAP to find the length of the string.
  2. WAP to find string is palindrome or not.
  3. WAP to reverse the string-like I love India so the output will be - India loves me.
  4. WAP to remove comment lines.
  5. WAP to find the number is the power of 2 or not.
  6. WAP for string comparison
  7. WAP of Bubble sort.
  8. WAP to find the LCM and GCD.
  9. WAP to find the sum of digits in number like 245 so the output will be 2 + 4 + 5 = 11
  10. WAP to find the sum of even and odd nodes in a linked list.
  11. string reverse without using a temporary variable and second array.
  12. Wap for Fibonacci series for n number :0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21….
  13. wap(write a program ) to find out the highest number in given numbers.
  14. WAP to reverse the string using a linked list.
  15. wap to remove the blank space from the string without using the built-in function.
  16. WAP for 2^n like 2^3..(search on google u will get an answer)
  17. write a program to find out the substring of a string without using the built-in function.
  18. wap for bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort
  19. write a recursive function to find the length of the of string
  20. write a recursive function to find the factorial of a number
  21. write a program to reverse the words of a statement like(my name is Abhishek Lodhi) o/p=ihdol kehsihba si eman ym
  22. write a program to compare the strings
  23. wap to count the characters in a string.
  24. wap to remove the comment from a given program
  25. Reverse the linked list program

Note:- You Can Use Any Programming Language to write this program,.I will add more programs after very soon.

SQL & Database Important Interview Question Asked In Interview from Fresher's

What is DBMS? & What is RDBMS and difference between both.
What is the difference between SQL and PL/SQL?
What is various DDL, DML, DCL commands in SQL? Give a brief description of their purposes.
Is a NULL value the same as zero or a blank space? If not then what is the difference?
What are constraints in SQL and how many constraints are in SQL Not Null?
Unique Key (prepare Unique key in details) Primary Key(prepare Unique key in details) Foreign Key(prepare Unique key in details) Check Constraint(prepare Unique key in details) Index(prepare Unique key in details) Default(prepare Unique key in details)
What is the difference between Delete, drop and truncate
What is the difference between where and having clause
What is join and types of join with example?
What is Union and Union ALL, the difference between both?
What are the properties and different Types of Sub-Queries?
Which TCP/IP port does SQL Server run on? How can it be changed? Answer: 1433
What is the index and types of index
What is an ACID property in the database?
What is the difference between NULL value, zero and blank space?
Which are the different case manipulation functions in SQL?
What is the usage of the NVL function?
Which function is used to return the remainder in a division operator in SQL?
What is the usage of a DISTINCT keyword?
What is Normalization and type of normalization?
What is SQL Injection?
What is denormalization?
What is a View?
What is a Cursor? And the type of cursor
What are local and global variables and their differences?
What is Datawarehouse?
What is OLTP and OLAP and difference between both?
What is Union, minus and Interact commands?
What is an ALIAS command?
What are the aggregate and scalar functions?
What is the command used to fetch first 5 characters of the string? Answer: Select SUBSTRING(StudentName,1,5) as studentname from student
How to fetch alternate records from a table? Answer: Select studentId from (Select rowno, studentId from student) where mod(rowno,2)=0
How can you create an empty table from an existing table? Answer: Select * into studentcopy from student where 1=2
SQL Query to find second highest salary of Employee ? Answer: select MAX(Salary) from Employee WHERE Salary NOT IN (select MAX(Salary) from Employ
SQL Query to find Max Salary from each department. Answer: SELECT DeptID, MAX(Salary) FROM Employee GROUP BY DeptID
Write SQL Query to display the current date. Answer:SELECT GetDate();
Write an SQL Query to check whether date passed to Query is the date of a given format or not. Answer: SELECT ISDATE('1/08/13') AS "MM/DD/YY";
Write an SQL Query to print the name of the distinct employee whose DOB is between 01/01/1960 to 31/12/1975 Answer: SELECT DISTINCT EmpName FROM Employees WHERE DOB BETWEEN ‘01/01/1960’ AND ‘31/12/1975’;
Write SQL Query to find duplicate rows in a database? and then write SQL query to delete them? Answer: SELECT * FROM emp a WHERE rowid = (SELECT MAX(rowid) FROM EMP b WHERE a.empno=b.empno) And To delete: DELETE FROM emp a WHERE rowid != (SELECT MAX(rowid) FROM emp b WHERE a.empno=b.empno);
What is a Composite Key ?
What are COMMIT and ROLLBACK in SQL?
What is the RANK function?
What is a materialized view?
What is the difference between the NVL and the NVL2 functions?
What is the difference between cross joins and natural joins?
What is the purpose of the MERGE statement in SQL?
What is the difference between VARCHAR2 AND CHAR datatypes?
What is the difference between the RANK() and DENSE_RANK() functions? Provide an example.

Answer To Question Which Subscriber's Asked on my Youtube Videos.

I Have Created 4 Videos when I was job seekers and got a job, People asked questions I am not able to answer everyone as they are asking the same question so I decided to combine all common types of questions and answering here. Let' Start :

Q. 1How much money I should bring When Coming to Bangalore? What is Rent of PG? Spend 1 month how much money required to survive in Bangalore?

how much money you need depends on how is your lifestyle. I am sharing all the expense which may take place when you reach Bangalore, you decide how much amount will be sufficient for you

PG rent in Bangalore range from 5000 to 9000

3 Sharing Room:- 4500 - 6000 Rs

2 Sharing Room:- 5500 - 7000 Rs

Single Room:- More Than 6500

In All PG You Will Get 3 Times Food, Washing machine, TV, and WIFI. So According To me you can easily spend your 1 month in Bangalore with 10000 RS, It's just for spending I am not adding any other expense.

From my experience I will suggest you take 3 sharing room, Travelling in Bangalore is costlier try to avoid OLA/UBER use BMTC Buses you can easily get which bus will go to your destination from Google Maps

Q. 2 Do I need to take premium membership of freshersworld or naukari.com?

No, I have not invested my money on it, because I have not seen anyone in my contacts who got benefit from it so I will suggest don't take.

Just Keep Trying

Keep Attending Walkins Until You get the job, I Have attended 23 Interviews than I got job My First Job on 16 January 2018 I Have Created Vlog Of That If You are Interested You Can Watch. That's It If You Have More Questions Ask I Have added Comment Thread, I will give an answer to everyone. and share this article with another job seeker, if you feel it will help other job seekers. I will keep Adding Section which I feel required for job seekers if you want to know something else which I have not covered comment below I will add I will Update my site every Sunday so stay tunned always for New Updates.

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