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Finally, I Got Job I Even Can't Define How To Express My Happiness

I got a call from my father that someone with Name Yasmeen tried calling you, but your phone was switch off so she called me and told you got a job in Kens*$^ Company. I asked my father 5 times you are not kidding me. my father told HR told me to callback once swarnil is reachable, then I called the company HR number provided by my father. she told congrats Swarnil and I am like :

noise copy GIF
I Cried but Not Infront of the interview but on My PG terrace ( almost Cried without tears ) when I got the call from a company and HR Told me you can start from tomorrow.

Meri Job Lag Gayi Guys 😊

People who are my regular followers they know I was struggling to get a job in Bangalore, I created 3 Vlog Related to My Bangalore Struggle and My life without a job, it was a tough time, but I used to believe "Bure Waqt Ki Ek Baat Achi Hoti Hai Wo Bhi Guzar Jata Hai" and look I got job of my interest my profile in startup was "Web Developer", salary was little less but I am okay with it, but my sister was not happy because she thinks i deserve better than this company. she asked me to not join a startup but for the very first time, I denied my sister's suggestion because I was dying inside daily without a job my friends start getting a job. I Attended the Interview on 01 January 2018 and got my result on 15 January and joining on 16 January next day.


So I college campus placement I am unable to get a job, it is not like I don't get a chance but I don't know why I got rejected from 14 good companies in my college during campus season. Started with Tek System, and then the list goes on Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, Capgemini, L&T, Tech Mahindra, Amdocs, Tata Technologies, Daffodil and many more and if you want to know in which college I completed B.E its Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology. Now Its University but trust me they have good campus placement if you Anuj Garg is still Training And Placement Officer of LNCT Bhopal. But I have not taken advantage of studying in LNCT. I completed college without Job, and I remember once Anuj Garg told in an orientation session, you guys are getting a job and the chance you will understand the value when you go outside you will understand how hard and tough it is to get job and opportunity. and he was right.

rejected rejection GIF by HULU

I don't know what went wrong in college. I consider 2017 to be the worst year of my life. I was living my life with regret in the 4th year. I even don't click a single picture with anyone in college. I don't know why but I got changed from a fun-loving guy backbencher I become a silent person. it's like I am dead inside. not able to sleep properly all the time thinking about a job. 

I was moved to Bangalore For Job

I packed my bag and started the journey of my struggle and it started from city Bangalore, where I lost pursue during the journey in train while coming to Bangalore, and then Fight with homesickness, bad food quality, multiple rejections, but one thing I learned that your best friend will always be there very fewer people get true friendship I have many friends but I consider MOTTA to be my best friend or only friend. I started studying trying hard to get and the cycle of rejection continues. you know what hurts more when you clear first round and you get rejected from last round. it is very hard to clear first round again in the next drive. and then what mistake I did in the interview remains in your head all the time you don't get sleep too sometimes. I started studying trying hard to get and the cycle of rejection continues


I started feeling the world is moving forward but you are not moving anywhere, it hurts I get worse when you start feeling this daily in the month of December I left everything I love to start studying whatever interviewer asked me in an interview and all the topics which interviewer can ask. in month of December I was underground just studying attending my coaching and studying. I have not attended a single walk-in in the month of December. I decided I will not go home until I get a job I already missed Diwali and the new year. I remember I was studying what is singleton classes in java, suddenly everyone in PG starts shouting a happy new year and I am like WTF, life is hard I called my best friend to wish New year basically I called her because I was not feeling good after call slept. but trust me I studied so hard in December that if I studied like this in KOTA then I can crack IIT. I studied everything from javatpoint,geeksforgeeks, and studytonight study material.

Don't Sleep Until You Are Satisfied With Your Day


I was happy and confident in 2018 because I have studied everything that the interviewer asked in the past and also what is important created my own answer's for HR like where do you want to see yourself after 5 years I prepared to answer that will impress HR for sure. I have done all this in the month of December. I was sure I will get a job soon. On 3rd January 2018, I have attended walk-in in one startup in Domlur layout, 1000 People and I was the only one who got selected why because of my confidence and preparation of December. Finally, I Got Job As Web Developer In Startup. I just want to end this post with this note: Bangalore Mehnat Karne Walon Ko Khali Hath Kabhi Nahi Bhejta.

I hope you liked my story, if yes then s you can share I will not mind. and if anything you want to ask you can comment question. 

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