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Skandagiri Hills one of the weekend gateway for Bangalore people, Skanda Giri Giri distance from Bangalore 67 KM, so it can be covered in one day. I will share my experience of Skanda Giri night trekking with escape2explore.

And, please don't tell Skanda Giri is the same as Nandi Hills no way try Skandagiri Night Trek is said night trek you will experience a different type of vibe when you reach a peak on 4 o'clock shivering from cold but still waiting for sunrise.

It was Friday, I leave the office early because I have to catch the Escape2explore bus at 11:30 and you can't trust Bangalore traffic. But let me share how I got this sponsored trip it's not like they approach me i approach sponsor's because I don't want to promote betting apps or any other app which is not relevant for my Subscribers and my viewer's, I promote and collaborate where I can trust and help my audience. So i contracted escape2explore shared the work that I make a video I love traveling if you have any marketing campaign active where you provide free travel to the content creator in return he will make video and promote you. Here is the screenshot of the conversation.

then after 3 days, he offered me Skanda Giri trek but on 14th Of December when he offered i already have a trip to Gokarna With myhikes 😅, so I shared my issue with escape2explore and told can you do it for next weekend. He is such a nice guy honestly.

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