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Who Is Lakshay Chaudhary

Lakshay Chaudhary CEO Of Dank India, Well Jokes Apart He is one Youtuber with over 500k Subscribers make a video on reacting to some stuff and provide his opinion and review & sometimes he kills humor and sense in his video, but that's totally fine because on youtube India to grow you just need to make content which is trending thats what lux bhaiya do. Watch This Video Which Is Pewton Derivation.

How & Why Lakshay Chaudhary Become Meme 

People who are smart they know lux from a long time and some Indian youtube creators also created a video about how the tone of this lux bhaiya is not good etc. but suddenly in Feb 2020 people start making meme from Line "AB India Ko Hum Or Jyada Normie Nahi Rahne denge India Ko Dank Banayenge" and meme pages start creating memes from it. earlier laksya bhaiya was enjoying but then Lux Bhaiya Ki Jal Gayi.


If you are Content creator you should respect other creators as well as understand that people will make memes on you & Make Some Jokes on you.

Sunraybee First Video, Where He Trolled and Reacted On Situation.

but LAKSHAY bhaiya not able to take a joke and used HT Mobile Fake Channel ID to Take Down Sunraybee Video. then sunraybee more like Surya Putra did something which is very less i have seen on youtube exposed a cheater, liar, double standard personality using his most favorite weapon 'Humor' Here is the video:-

Sunraybee Exposed Lakshay Choudhary Video

Sunraybee did nothing wrong because he lakshay repeated this mistake with papaOcus Named Youtube Channel who is also Good Friend Of Sunraybee: Here is the video:-

Ocus First Video Which Is Taken Down By Lakshay Chaudhary

Problem with Lakshya was he doesn't want to accept it was his fault and people still making fun of him and memes, now I don't know about others but what lakshay did was something the wrong papaocus created one more video where he tried to explain to lakshay but also used sarcasm many times here is the video:- 

EveryOne Joined PapaOcus & SunRayBee

Now There are many creators who exist with fewer subscribers but their content is mind-blowing once you watch these creators you will think why have fewer subscribers I am adding some of the best videos which I enjoyed in this case I hope you also enjoy.

Who Cares Destroyed Lux Bhaiya 20%

Dank Rishu Destroyed Lux Bhaiya 80%

There are many creators who created a video on it I am not able to recall those channel names. but what you think about all this if you are aware please share your opinion in comment. 

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