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Indian Youtubers Manipulate Their Subscribers and what is more worst they manipulate and when someone tries to criticize them they give fake copyright strikes. Small Indian YouTubers are the victims recently manipulation on youtube India increased and I decided to make a video on it.

I am not the only one who thinks the Indian Audience is being manipulated by India Youtubers.

PapaOcus Video About Manipulation On Youtube India

I Love Mango In Fruits And MangoBoi In Animators watch this video Related To Manipulation To Understand more points.

KirtiChow Manipulation On Youtube India

Indian YouTubers Manipulate

We Creators do not make this type of video to spread hate but to aware of people who are getting tricked into manipulation without knowing about it. I Hope from these videos you are able to understand how some of these Indian YouTubers manipulate by adding emotional and sad music, some use irrelevant points by removing context ... there are multiple tricks they can use but don't fall and watch good content.

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