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Yes You Can Get Job No Matter from which stream you belong, you know coding, you have fewer marks, if you are graduated then answer for your question "Can I Get Job" Is Yes.

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If I Can Do It, A Guy who was backbencher Then anyone Can Do It

You need to understand what is important skills you need to gain in order to get a job into the software industry/IT industry and for fresher, I can help you in guiding what you can study from where you can study but if you don't study and work hard then definitely you will keep struggling to get job. Outside college, it's difficult to get a job.

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Rare Picture Of College Graduate Struggling To Crack Interview after Multiple Attempts

Now If You Ask Me What Is Important For Job

Stop Asking Question Can I Get Job I Have Less Than 60 Marks Yes You Can, Stop Asking I am not from Computer Science Background can I get a job, Yes You Can everyone can get a job if you have these things:

  1. Graduation Degree ( In Computer Science Related Field )
  2. Understanding Of One Programming Language ( Learn Java I Will Say )
  3. Basics Of DBMS ( Learn SQL )
  4. Good Hold and Understanding Of Your Major/Minor Project 
  5. Basics Of Computer Science Subjects ( Like Operating System, Computer Networks, Database Management System, Data Structures, Analysis Of Algorithms )
  6. You are able to speak English ( Not Required Pro Level But At least you should be capable enough to communicate )


Now you will say what if i  want to become web developer, what To Learn let me tell you one thing these all are the checklist and must before you attend any interview if you know all this then only there is chance you can get job, if you are not prepared for above 6 points then no need of learning other stuff first learn atleast one programming language.

Myth : Don't ask Java , Python which will be good i said One programming language because if you learn Python and you thing you will work on python after getting job, it totally depend you may get Testing so learn one programming language to crack interview don't think about scope and other things if you able to understand one programming language then you can learn any other programming language just syntax & few additional things you get different. alert-error


Getting Job Is Important Then Finding Scope and Your Interest Carrer

I have seen people ask i want to becom web developer,  not ready to join any other domain, guys in IT industry take experince see how things work then draw conclusion what you want to become don't run behind what people say and blog say, why i am saying this may be people tell Data Science provide good salary and growth is also more but you hate maths and statatics you never going to enjoy so its better you take experince whatever work you get see how IT works, you will automatically get answers what will be right carrer path for you.

Note: It is not important if they asked java in an interview then they will give you java developer role they ask just to check your knowledge, so don't make mind that I want to become web developer or python developer because if you get selected in company they decide in which stream you will get trained? alert-info

Which City Is Good For Freshers/Job Seeker's

Answer of this question is Bangalore, if you want to increase your chance of getting job Bagalore Is Best place lots of opportunities are there. you just need to prepare youself. even if you don't know how to prepare keep attending walkins of bangalore you will come to know what to study what interviewer asked, where you are lacking behind.

In Job Seeker's Course I will be providing you More details If you have any question you can drop comment below i reply to everyone.

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