My Work

I Utilise My Skills To create something Productive and useful. and sometimes I create projects for learning purposes because I learn when I do practicals.

 I don't believe in the theory. I have done so many projects but they are not live but few of my projects are live on the internet I will be providing a link if you want to watch a live demo. in the future, once I master the skills I will start freelancing where you can take advantage of me. I will create website for you if you need, I can build a blog for you, I can edit your video's I can create beautiful Instagram stories, I can create a banner, poster, channel art, logo any other work related to Photoshop, once I purchase DSLR, Drone, and gimbal I can do paid photoshoot for you may be Pre-Wedding Shoot Too, but for now I am focussed on my youtube channel and my job because for all these things I need time with job its very hard to do.

What Type Of Work/Projects I Do?

Over time acquired skils which I found helpful for my youtube channel and some of them are hobbies so I create projects based on what I have learned :
  1. Front End Development ( Create Landing Page, Beautiful website UI, Write HTML CSS, Use JS libraries, Create HTML templates from UI Frameworks ).
  2. Video Editing ( I Know After effects, Premiere Pro, I edit videos. I create openers, Videography, Instagram stories short videos. )
If you want to see my work I am adding some of the links you can go and checkout.

Web Development Projects

You Can Watch All My Web Development Projects here:
these are some of my coding-related projects now moving on video editing related projects.

Video Editing Projects

Back in college days, I was having Beast PC in which I learned after-effects so I keep playing around and created some projects from templates and also some are original.

This Is Outro Template I created for one of my friend Nitish Pant ( Mugshot )

This one I created for myself using Adobe After Effects

In Future, I have plans to start freelancing once I get my beast kind of PC back or i get time. I hope you liked my work if yes what you think about it comment down below.

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