What is Vlogumentry?

According To Wikipedia Blend of vlog +‎ documentary Vlogumentary (plural vlogumentaries)
  1. documentary that is created in the same manner as a vlog or by combining several vlogs together, that is, without a separate film crew
  2. Vlogumentry in my case vlog form video which will be inclined to one topic and story keep revolve around that particular topic, I will be adding old film effects and overlay so it looks like a documentary but its just vlog but with planning to share my thoughts, experiences and my ideology.

Why Vlogumentry?

When I started youtube after 1 month I realized I want to do something different I am not a lemming personality than I found #Creatorforchange program.

 by youtube. and did some research than I found there is very less or no one creating vlogumentry in India why no me. as i am very much interested in documentary so I decided to start this series vlogumentry to become the creator of the change from India, youtube says: use your voice for the change I am using my experience and skills to bring the change in job seeker's life.

One Vlogumentry That I wanted to Talk About?

So Recently I created vlogumentry ' JOB and City Life Was Killing Me Slowly" This vlogumentry is portrayed my situation where I was getting frustrated from a job and this frustration allowing me to think to quit a job and also struggle of staying in city life. so I created this vlogumentry you can find below.

Like this, i have created many Vlogumentry and I will keep making it I love making this type of video as this series will be key differentiators on youtube India as creator i don't know when youtube is going to recognize me if they don't at least I am happy for myself at least I am making some difference. you can visit all vlogumenry.

➤ All Vlogumentry Videos And Post

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