Who Is Pewton ?

Origin Of Pewton 

Pewton Is Fictional Character Originated from Swarnil who loves Memes, Dark Humor & Dank Memes. He Thinks he is a reborn version of Sir Issac Newton But Not Mathematician but A Content Creator who uses his humor in the best possible way to entertain people.

Birth Of Pewton

Pewton Was Born when Meme Community was growing he started created a meme in 2017 i.e Meme Mandir, TRB, Paneeeeer, Aeonutzz, Pulpypine, Offencehub, Desicomics, Desimemewala, BMS, All India Dank Memes And Priyal Dhuri. Pewton starts exploring More Memes.

Then I Discovered Dolan Darker and flying kitty and then found Yeems & Never Regret Playlist all these things are the main reason to start pewton.

Started My Youtube Channel

Pewton thinks he is the avatar of Sir Issac Newton but he studies Humor, not maths. So He came Up with idea why not give theory, law & Derivation to entertain people. Pewton Started His Youtube Channel And Posted Some Videos In 2017.

My Old Videos which I Posted In 2017-18

I Stop Posting Memes And Videos After completing my College Because pewton is just fictional Character in reality swarnil needs to find job he is from basic Middle-class family, But He decided Pewton Will Come Back Soon.

Job Sucks But My Girlfriend Don't Because I don't Have One, #Sedlyf

Pewton Back In 2020

Pewton was observing youtube India and when saiman says start growing pewton start creating memes again on a regular basis :

Pewton Decided To Come Back On Youtube As Creator And Memer On Instagram

Pewton Idea Was:- 
  • Pewton Derivation: He Will Roast People Here

  • Pewton Theory: Give Theory In His Own Style Like Theory Of Manipulation, Theory Of Motivation, Theory Of ... 

  • Pewton Laws: Pewton Observe Stuff what is happening in surroundings and give laws like Law of akelapan, law of vlogging, Law Of ...
  • Pewton Manoranjan: Just Rant and React to videos and Memes.
I Hope You are enjoying content Posted On Pewton. If You are here from My youtube channel Link Description Drop Comment to show your presence.

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