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 " Documenting My Life, Stories, Thoughts. Experience Since 2016 " 

    - About Me - 

Hi, Everyone, My name is "Raja Swarnil Singhai" Following my passion for content creation by making videos on my youtube channel #Swarnil and writing a blog on imswarnil.com.

I am a software engineer by profession working in Accenture as a Salesforce Developer. On weekends I travel, edit my videos, Shoot my videos do live stream every Friday to interact with my subscriber's and on weekdays I go office complete 9 hours routine. comeback home starts thinking about what video should make, sometimes on weekend travel.

→ I Love Travelling

I stay in Bangalore, there are so many places near to Bangalore city we call it Weekend Gateways that I can visit on weekends return back on Monday morning and go office without asking for any vacation leave from my manager.

So whenever I get time to travel I never miss the opportunity to explore new places, culture, and new experiences. when I travel I also Vlog my experience and my journey.

 - My History & Education - 

I belong to the 90's kid who took birth on 15th July 1996, and I miss the old cartoon network. I am from Mahroni, Uttar Pradesh, Its Small Town near Jhansi, i created one Vlog on it you can watch.

Started my school from Hindi Medium School i.e Saraswati Shishu Mandir then in the 6th standard I was moved to a boarding school in Khurai which is an English medium staying away from my family. I learn extracurricular activities there like Calligraphy, Skating, Table Tennis, Football I studied in Gyanodaya S.M.V.M. School.

Image result for gyanodaya smvm school khurai
Gyanodaya S.M.V.M School In Khurai
This is the place where I start transforming from village guy to city boy or you can say a better version of Swarnil. In my life, I keep changing schools and places multiple times. I completed my high school (10th ) from Maharishi Vidya Mandir Tikamgarha. And then I visited Kota for AIEEE ( now its JEE-MAINS). I took admission to Allen Carrer Institute.

Image result for allen career institute kota building
Allen Carrer Institute, Kota Rajsthan Place where i start preparing for JEE Mains.
Another change in me I witness here in Kota from my appearance to how I think, how I study, Kota Days Memories are still with me. I will revisit once I get the time and make a vlog about it. I am not able to clear AIEEE but I learned a lot from Kota. I got a decent private college without donations in Bhopal, that's Lakshmi Narain College of Technology and Science

 - My College Life And Me - 

I moved to Bhopal from Kota to start the new phase of my life i.e. college life and trust it hurt after watching student of the year kind of movie you are again in school, actually my college LNCT Bhopal was nothing less than the school you have a uniform you, you have to maintain attendance, very less extracurricular activities.

Image result for lnct bhopal
LNCT Bhopal, Place where I Completed My Graduation B.E from Computer Science In 2017
I choose the Computer science stream. because my brother/family told getting a job is easy in this stream. I have no idea what to do in my life after the 12th. I enjoyed my college life, I got a girlfriend and story if I tell how we met you never going to believe me. 4 years of relationship ( now she is married I am single you can date me 😂.), I got back in M2 ( Mathematics 2 ), the first time in life I failed. but it's okay I believe college teaches us a lot and everyone should learn from the mistakes. I failed to get a job in college I appeared in 14 Interviews in college campuses not selected in one company FML. If you want to read my job seeker story click here.

 - Start Of My Youtube Journey - 

In the third year, I saw one youtube video of GhonchuNandan He inspired me to start my youtube channel I started with the C-walk India YT channel, where I used to dance with my legs.

Later, I started a new channel named Unboxing Chutiyapa but before that, I learned to edit I spend time on something productive in college that is learning video editing and that is helping me now. I learned after effects video editing techniques how green screen works and this. and start experimenting with everything on my new channel Unboxing Chutiyapa.

I keep making videos on Trending Topics, Whatever best I can do I start doing in the hope that I will become YouTuber soon. but after college my family expecting job i want to ask my parents if i can do youtube for next 1 year then I will 

 - My Struggle, Job And Passion - 

After 1 Year it was campus placement time, college is about to end everyone got a job in my stream except some people I am one of them I got rejected from 15 Companies in College Campus placement at LNCT. college ended without any offer in my hand I have to decide now what I have to for the rest of my life. I decide to go to Bangalore to get a job and then start doing youtube with the same energy but I am kind of addicted to making videos I love creating content when I was going Bangalore I shot my first Vlog Travelling Jhansi To Bangalore For Job Search.  and also some vlogs of my job struggle never thought people get inspired by my struggle of jobs search some of the videos are about to hit 100K views. I joined JSpiders Training Institute in Bangalore to get skilled and get more opportunities to get a job as soon as possible. after 8 months of struggle, I got a job in the startup as a full-stack web developer but 2 years of bond I worked there for 3 months, side by side I was looking for the more good opportunity because startup was paying me 13k per month and it's not up to my expectation, on 23 March I joined Accenture, company where I always wanted to go from moment I landed in Bangalore. I got salesforce technology in Accenture and that's all. I am working on weekdays and making videos, following passion on weekends. 

 - Is There Anything You Want To Know - 

I Tried My Best To Tell who I am if you want to anything else like who is your favorite actor, YouTuber, what is your wishlist, who admire you the most anything like this then do comment I will add that section, I love jhony deep, I love watching harry potter, only series I like death note and You ( Netflix ).

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